Qi Men Dun Jia “made easy” I

250 (Taxes incl.)


QMDJ is one of the most powerful and fascinating methods in Chinese metaphysics.

For best understanding of this course, it is recommended to have a Four Pillars basic knowledge.

I wrote this practical and simplified course with the necessary information only. It will be easy for you to apply QMDJ to your daily life when you have any question.

This will help you to obtain the best result in any situation. What a Qi Men Dun Jia chart reveals to us is fascinating.

The course is divided into two parts with an optional third part offering a private tutorial so you can practice your own questions. We will analyze your charts together and this will help you understand the steps to follow.

The 3 courses will be recorded and you will have the opportunity to listen to each recording for a month.

Qi Men Dun Jia Made Easy – First Part

This first part contains all the necessary information for you to know the components of a chart and the representations of each component. As this is a “Made Easy” course, you will not learn how to build the chart, you will use a software to calculate the chart but I will explain what is important to understand the structure.


  1. Entrance Door
  2. Four Dimensional Chart
  3. Door & Stars Representations
  4. Spirit & Palace Representations
  5. Stem & Branch Representations
  6. Stem Interactions
  7. Door Interactions

Price: 250 €

Qi Men Dun Jia Made Easy – Second Part

The second part of the course contains all the necessary information for you to be able to ask questions about different topics.


  1. Chart Analysis Tips – 1
  2. Chart Analysis Tips – 2
  3. Question about love
  4. Question about health and sickness
  5. Question about something missing (lost)
  6. Question about payments and money
  7. Question about whether a home or workplace is favorable for the person

Price: 250 €

Qi Men Dun Jia Made Easy – Third Part

I add an optional third part to this course. This third part is a personal tutorial for you, in which you can analyze two questions about something that worries you or you want to know. You send your analysis to me and the corresponding chart of each questions you have and I will give you my opinion and guide, helping you understand the steps to follow.

After this third part, you will receive a diploma accrediting your Practical Qi Men Dun Jia course.

Price: 125 €


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