Qi Men Dun Jia Feng Shui Made Easy First Part

250 (Taxes incl.)


Prerequisite: Qi Men Dun Jia Made Easy 1 and 2.

Qi Men Dun Jia is one of the most powerful and fascinating methods in Chinese metaphysics.

It was used to win battles and is based on the qi of the earth. For this reason we can adapt it to houses, giving detailed four-dimensional information.

This is a practical and simplified course, containing the information you need to apply it easily to a home, workplace, etc.

The course is divided into two parts you can purchase separately.

The two parts together will provide you with enough material to be able to know:

  • The annual QMDJ energies. They are similar to the annual flying stars in Feng Shui but they give more details because they are four dimensional.
  • The facing of a place when it is difficult to spot
  • The right period of a place, when having renovations or the construction period is not known.
  • If a home or workplace is favorable.
  • If there is some hidden problem in the construction before buying it.
  • If a client wants to have your opinion about a place he wants to buy or build.

Qi Men Dun Jia Feng Shui Made Easy – First Part

The first part tells you how to calculate an annual QMDJ chart for the place you want to analyze, as well as the Feng Shui related representations of the palaces content.

You will see an example of the annual QMDJ energies of a home with the interpretation of the chart, so you can have it as a model for your own interpretations.

First Part Syllabus:

  1. The qi and the annual chart
  2. The Palaces Representations
  3. The Stems Representations
  4. The Doors Representations
  5. The Stars Representations
  6. The Spirits Representations
  7. General Tips
  8. Annual Chart Interpretation for a house

Exceptional Value: 250 €

Qi Men Dun Jia Feng Shui Made Easy – Second Part

The second part contains guidelines for interpretation. The Flying Pan. How to calculate the chart for a house. How to calculate the chart for a business or workplace. How to get the correct period and facing when having doubts because of the lack of information or renovations done in different periods. Analysis of a house.

Second Part Syllabus:

  1. Guidelines for Doors and Spirits
  2. Environment – Qi Flow – Flying Pan
  3. Chart for Yang Houses
  4. Step by Step, Finding the Qi Mouth for a House
  5. Business chart and Case Study of a Business Place.
  6. House Analysis with QMDJ and Flying Stars
  7. How to Specify the Period when it is Doubtful
  8. How to Specify the Facing when it is Doubtful

Exceptional Value: 250 €

Qi Men Dun Jia Feng Shui Made Easy – Third Part

The third part is optional and is the practical part with a personalized tutorial for you, where you can analyze a home or a business chart and an annual chart of the place of your choice.

You can send your analysis with your charts to me and I will give my opinion and guide, to help you with the understanding of the steps to follow.

After this third part, you will receive the Qi Men Dun Jia Feng Shui course Diploma.

Exceptional Value: 125 €

You receive for all levels

  1. Beautiful downloadable handouts with room for additional notes
  2. Video presentations you can view multiple times for 30 days
  3. Your Qi Men Dun Jia Feng Shui Accreditation Diploma



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