Four Pillars: Essential Notes on Wealth

120 (Taxes incl.)

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This course is a great help for a quick and easy interpretation about the whole life’s chart (Birth chart together with Luck Periods).
Did you know that there are charts showing that the person has the potential to be wealthy?

These 4 Pillar Notes for Wealth are part of a special material that makes it easier for us to understand a diagram about different topics.

In this course you will study in depth 13 different cases with the possibility to obtain wealth and knowing how it is obtained.
For each one of the 13 wealth cases we will analyze a corresponding chart showing this potential…

We analyze the chart of:

Elvis Presley, Warren Buffet, Bernard Arnaud, Michael Jackson, David Bowie, Claude Allègre, Oprah Winfrey, King Felipe VI of Spain, Mark Zuckerberg, Sam Walton, Enid Blyton, Steven Spielberg y Hilary Clinton.

You will receive a handout with:

  • A handout with Master Joseph Yu’s explanation of each Wealth Note.
  • The 4-pillar chart of the people we will analyze.
  • A Certificate from the Feng Shui Research Center is awarded.

This course is a webinar given by video-conference. I also show a special drawing for each explanation as well as we discuss the chart analysis of those famous people.

The webinar is recorded and you will have the possibility to listen to the recordings during one month, as many times you like and at the convenient moment for you.

If you feel you are not so familiar with 4Pillars but you already know the foundation, I made an extra “recap” about the fundamental things we need to remember and will explain them together with 10 guidelines for a chart analysis. It is always good to review the foundation!

You get the Recap MP4 and handout as a bonus.


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